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Introduction of the company

Based on law of establishing the rural water and waste water companies in iran ,the lorestan ABFAR company was officially established in 1999(1377 solar calendar), aimed at studying potable water resources,water supply and conveying it to reservoirs,making reservoirs and distribution piping  network to the houses,repairing and maintenance,developing and renovating equipment ,and on demand for some deprived villages ,water supply with tanker,and also ,creating wastewater disposal systems.

Witout any exaggeration,we declare that in spite of many restrictions in different aspects,we did our duties with best quantity and  best quality.

And by the help of God applying facilities ,it will be continued to the last village.

The company consists of 3 assistances

5 indipendent offices

9 branches in 9 cities of the province.

The missions

1-Increasing the Index of safe potable water access.

2-permanent safe potable water supply all over the villages.

3-development and renovation of water networks all over the villages.

The Goals

1-trying to access safe water resources all over the province,moving Movement toward Desiging water supply complexes in villages.

2-monitoring the water resources for their quantities and qualities.

3-To consider the demand management and consumption managment  instead of just water supply.

4-upgrading the quality of services to the  villagers continuously.

5-to develop study resarch activities by applying advanced Technology According to environment to gain stable development  in cooperative with scientific centers.

6-Applying It(information Technology)to develop managing

7-Establishing quality management systems to simplify servicing and ersponse to subscriber needs.

-8serious efforts to equip and mantain the water supply projects that had been performed in the past.

-9culture makig and knowledge promoting among people and also attract more support from province authorities about rural water and wastewater affairs.

-10promoting staff efficiency via promoting technical and speciality knowledge among them by motivating systems.

-11applying  all public training ways (such as public media) to promote knowledge and public sensations related to rural water and wastewater affairs.

-12to set up preventive maintenance (pm) software with the aim of reducing costs and to increase installations life.

-13trying towards minimizing government tenure and moving towards outsourcing via private sector.

-14to take into consideration as a special order to control the water quality delivered to subscribers by developing requried systems and to reach approperiate position among other companies all  over the country.

-15Accelerating in appropriate allocation funding to perform wastewater plans.with the aim of compensating the lag in this sector.  



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